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Your Life

The most valuable gift we can give ourselves is the opportunity to reflect upon our lives and the many lessons we have learned along the way.  When we focus on what is truly important, we are able to live our lives with great hope, a clear purpose, and gratitude.

Your Legacy

The most valuable and lasting gift you can give your loved ones may have little to do with the wealth or possessions you have accumulated.  Sharing your life stories, expressing your love, and passing along the wisdom you have gained has the power to impact and inspire this generation, and many more to come.

    Are you are someone who wants to build a positive legacy and share it with your family and community? Do you believe others can learn from your stories, from the wisdom you have gained, from your mistakes and from your successes?  Do you believe that trusting relationships are built and nourished through the sharing of personal stories and experiences?  If so, you have come to the right place.


    More Than Words, Inc. helps individuals, families, businesses and communities celebrate their stories and strengthen their impact on future generations through our powerful legacy services and resources. Through individual or group sessions, coaching and teaching, we provide the tools you need to build the positive legacy your life deserves.​

    Sheri Kohlmann is a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor and Trainer through the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies, and currently serves on the Board of Directors. She is also an independent Legacy Facilitator certified and licensed through Living Wisely. She brings many years of experience helping people of all ages and stages get to the heart of what really matters.


    If Your House Was On Fire

    Sheri Kohlmann

    Guided Autobiographies, Ethical Wills, Legacy Estate Planning Services.

    If your house was on fire and you had five minutes to grab the items you value most, what would you save? This hypothetical question became a reality for me and thousands of others this October as California wildfires swept through our neighborhoods, giving us little or no time to react.

    As the hot orange sky swirled with ash and soot, overhead a helicopter circled, declaring, "This is a mandatory evacuation. All residents must leave now!" A lifetime of accumulating possessions, and a few moments to decide what is worth saving and what is not...



    Online GAB Instructor Training offers in-depth training for those who want to earn extra income by teaching Guided Autobiography courses. The distance-learning format through the Internet makes live instructor training available to individuals all over the world. Participants write and share their own two-page life stories on GAB themes throughout the 8-week program while learning how to develop, schedule, publicize and run GAB groups within their own communities.



    Fall Session:
    Starts September 11, 2024​



    Life SAGEr Certified Legacy Journey Facilitator

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    LifeSAGEr® is a registered trademark of Celebrations of Life Services Inc. and it may be used only by certified legacy facilitators in good standing through their independent licensing agreement.

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