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Brave, courageous, and amazing … and coupled with so much trust.  This is an amazing program. I now wonder if courage is a dominant trait for all who take this course. Courage during a life lived and one brave enough to share it.  I feel honored to be a member.  - Charlie


Do it! Do it! Do it!  This has been one of the most enriching and stimulating experiences of my life.  A wonderful opportunity to review, value and own one’s life journey …a life-spring to create one’s future.  An opportunity to travel with and share life’s lessons with fellow journeyers.  - Anne


Sheri, you have embraced me, persuaded me, held me and given me the ability to visit my past and look forward to my future.  You have gifted me on my journey and I want to say thank you. - Lesley


This class became a progressively positive, encouraging, inspirational experience as we learned to express ourselves.  We all have a past and a story, or rather many stories to tell and should unleash this skill.  This class teaches you how to accomplish this successfully without any pressure or stress. The weeks spent sped by and were enlightening, interesting, sad at times, but also filled with humor, wisdom, meditation and most of all, love.  - Carol


Don’t delay! You will have a most interesting and delightful adventure and experience in self-discovery.  I would recommend this class to anyone over the age of 40.  This class was a life enriching experience and surpasses any that I have ever taken.  - Adelaide


I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in acquiring the tools to tell their story.  The satisfaction of remembering and passing on our histories is priceless. - Gary


If you have ever had the urge to write your life story but didn’t know how to get started, this class if for you.  It is an opportunity to meet extremely interesting people.  Sharing the stories you write in a safe, friendly, non-threatening environment changes strangers into friends in a very short time.  It became the highlight of my week.  It is stimulating and broadens one’s understanding and appreciation of others.  You may find a hidden talent and open a new door or window in your life. - Jean


Sheri, you have been the truest of mentors, gently nudging each of us to dig deeper – to open to and own parts of our lives we hadn’t even remembered in a long time.  Some too painful to share, but, nonetheless, honored with understanding and forgiveness.  You are perfect for this job, this work, this process.  Thank you for all the behind the scenes stuff that we will never know about.  You are in my daily meditations and prayers, but more importantly, in my heart. You are indeed a gift from God. - Annie


This course was a most interesting and different approach to writing an autobiography.  The themes became more difficult and mentally stimulating as we progressed.  As a world class procrastinator, I was finally moved to start writing again.  I got my money’s worth and it appears as if all members of the class felt the same way. - Harold


This class has done wonders for me! I have been trying to tell my story for at least the last six years.  Each time I started, I just couldn’t go on.  It was too painful.  With your help, I have gone over the first and hardest hurdle and it has become easier to write.  I am writing mostly because it is helping toward my healing, but if I could share it with others with similar experiences, it would be great. - Sue


Sign up right away.  You won’t find a better program to help you organize your thoughts and ideas about your past.  It is a program designed to “give you a push” and provide the “roadmap” to writing about your life. - Lloyd

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