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Guided Autobiographies, Ethical Wills, Legacy Estate Planning Services.

Guided Autobiography

“Our lives may feel routine and monotonous, hardly worth writing about.  Yet buried in the details of each individual life is unique autobiographical material that has universal human interest.  This is true of people at any age and from any background."

- James E. Birren, Associate Director of the UCLA Center on Aging

The Three Miracles of Smithfield
Written by Gary Waller, GAB Participant, 2012


"What in the world?" I looked over at Beth and she looked at me. We were both wondering what we might be getting into.  What caught our attention was a sign just outside the city limits of Smithfield, NC, a town of about 12,000 souls in eastern NC, about 35 miles SE of Raleigh. The sign was of average size for a roadside billboard, i.e. about the size of a small house, or so it seemed to us that Sunday morning in July of 1969.  What caught our attention was..."

Ethical Will / Legacy Letter

Laguna Woods – 2013


I am using the occasion of this special gathering of family members and close friends to share what is called in the trade an Ethical Will, a brief statement by which to share with you a glimpse of what has been my moral compass in these eighty years of life on planet earth.

Life Reflection Story

Courtesy of Celebrations of Life: past, present and future®


Memories From My Daughter, Judy


My earliest memories of my mother are of resting in bed with her in the afternoon when she would stroke my hair behind my ear or hold my hand. I felt very secure and loved. I recall her telling me very early on how happy she was to have a little girl but, this didn’t negate her joy over having a son, as well, and having her complete little family.

Making A Difference Plan

Courtesy of Celebrations of Life: past, present and future®

Sample of a simple Making A Difference Plan.


My Vision:
I envision a world where all children have healthy, nutritious food because I know what it feels like to go hungry.


My Areas of Focus:
• Second Harvest Heartland in St. Paul – food bank and distribution center
• Neighborhood House in West St. Paul – food shelf and settlement center
• Naomi’s Family Center in St. Paul – women’s shelter

My Motivations and Influences:
As a young girl, my family often survived on the throw-away crops from nearby farms and generous handouts from friends and family. While our meals were not always well balanced or of the best of quality, I am alive today because of the generosity of others...

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