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The Stories That Changed My Life

My most cherished possession in this world carries no monetary value.  It is a torn and tattered book, self-published in 1929 by family members that passed away long before I was born.  It contains family stories and history that were commonplace to the authors at the time.  Somehow they knew these things were important and had the wisdom and foresight to look to the future and care about those of us that would follow.  Their legacy letters are entitled “To Those That Love Me and May Pass This Way.”

Although I never had the privilege of meeting these family members, their lives and their stories have impacted me in more ways than I can express. Over the years, the words on the pages of that little book have provided wisdom and comfort to me as I wrestled with difficult situations and decisions. Their faith and values served as a guidebook on what was important and lasting in life, and what was frivolous and fleeting. They not only told me where I came from, but gave me insight into who I am and a sense of belonging. They told me things “more precious than gold” and bestowed upon me an inheritance that money cannot buy.

Is it any coincidence that I have a passion and a calling to help others build intentional legacies?  I suspect it originated in those that came before me; those who had the wisdom to write and assemble that little book that continues to inspire me almost a century later. 

Sheri Kohlmann

Owner, More Than Words, Inc.


Life SAGEr Certified Legacy Journey Facilitator

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