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Estate Planning Professionals
Add value to your practice and honor your clients by offering them the opportunity to create a personal legacy that compliments and enriches their financial legacy.  More Than Words will partner with you to prepare your clients to get the most out of the estate planning process.  You can focus on what you do best; excellent legal and financial advice and services.
Guided Autobiographies, Ethical Wills, Legacy Estate Planning Services.

Benefits to your Practice:

  • Add value to your estate planning services without additional work for your team.

  • Gain a greater understanding of your clients, resulting in the highest quality estate planning possible.

  • Differentiate yourself and your practice from other estate planning professionals.

  • Show your clients that you genuinely care about them as people, not just their money.

  • Create deep, generational relationships and referrals.


Benefits to your Clients:

  • They will have the opportunity to reflect and define what is most important in their lives.

  • They will live their lives more intentionally and with greater purpose.

  • They can improve intergenerational communication and relationships.

  • They will gain peace of mind knowing their life and legacy is in order.

  • They will create a lasting, cherished personal gift for family and future generations.

  • This process will provide a foundation for financial, retirement, transition and philanthropic decisions.

View summaries of actual Making A Difference Plans.

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