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Organization Benefits

  • Enhance communication and healing in families.

  • Helps people focus and express their values and beliefs.

  • Teach people about giving and generosity.

  • Pass along values, faith, beliefs, history, community.

  • Inspire spiritual growth.

  • Foster small group relationships.

  • Financial planning/stewardship.

  • Provide a full complement of services to your community.

  • Inspire greater spiritual growth for individuals and families.

  • Deepen individual and community relationships.


Religious and Spiritual Community Benefits

  • Help individuals live their lives more intentionally.

  • Bring greater meaning to each life milestone.

  • Define what is important in life, family and giving.

  • Improve intergenerational communications and relationships.

  • A cherished gift for family and future generations.


Custom Legacy Journey Programs

  • Custom Legacy Journey facilitator training.

  • Process integration, metrics and evaluation to ensure your program’s success.

  • Ongoing implementation support and tracking.

  • Consulting, research and resources.


Learn how More Than Words can help deepen your religious and spiritual community relationships.

Faith-Based Communities

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