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Organization Benefits

  • Increase donations and client/member engagement.

  • Deeper understanding of each client’s passions and priorities.

  • Value added complementary services without additional work from your team.

  • Result in deeper client relationships and greater referrals.

  • Unique market differentiation and positive community outreach.


Client/Member Benefits

  • Help clients live their lives more intentionally.

  • Define what is important in life, family and giving.

  • Provide a foundation for financial, retirement, transition and philanthropic decisions.

  • Improve intergenerational communication and relationships.

  • Ensure peace of mind knowing their life is in order.

  • A cherished gift for family and future generations.


Custom Legacy Journey Programs

  • Legacy Journey experiences for your professionals and staff.

  • Legacy Journey presentations and writing workshops for your clients/members.

  • Legacy Journey facilitator training and certification.

  • Legacy readiness assessments, process integration, metrics and evaluation surveys to ensure your program’s success.

  • Ongoing implementation support and tracking.

  • Consulting, research and resources.




Learn how the Legacy Journey can enhance the strength of your client or member relationships.

Non-Profits and Foundations

Learn how this innovative program can be tailored to your organization:

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